Surgical Ways of Treating Hemorrhoids are Best Known to Dr. Ali Reza

Hemorrhoids, also referred as piles, are regarded as swollen veins of the lower rectum and anus which look similar to varicose veins. The condition occurs when walls of vessels become irritated or stretched due to increased pressure. Pressure can be caused due to a number of factors like straining during bowel movement, increased pressure on veins during pregnancy, anal intercourse, rectal cancer, etc. Some of the common symptoms of the condition are pain, discomfort, bright red blood during bowel movements, swelling around anus, etc. It is believed that symptoms of the hemorrhoids may vary depending upon the location.

A person usually suffers from one out of three kinds of hemorrhoids.

  • Internal hemorrhoids – These hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum. A person seldom experiences any kind of pain or discomfort with this kind of hemorrhoids. However, a person experiences bleeding when a person puts pressure during bowel movement due to which hemorrhoid surface gets damaged and begin to bleed.
  • External Hemorrhoids – These piles are located beneath the skin. When they get irritated, they started to bleed.
  • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids – Sometimes blood pool takes place in external hemorrhoid resulting in thrombus i.e. clot. This result in severe pain, inflammation and swelling and lead to hard lump near anus.  

Different Treatments of Hemorrhoids

Fortunately, piles is one condition which does not lead to life-threatening situation and is easy to treat with home remedial measures. In majority of cases, they get better in a few days without even requiring any treatment. In few cases, medicines and non-surgical ways are opted to treat the condition. Medicines like ointments, suppositories or pads are recommended.

Non-surgical ways include rubber band litigation, which is an outpatient procedure. During this procedure, elastic band is placed during base of hemorrhoid for cutting off the power supply. This results in falling and shrinking off the hemorrhoid.

Surgical ways of treating Hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids are not treatable with aforementioned measures, surgical procedure is performed. Hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoid stapling are two surgical measures adopted by experienced surgeons.

Hemorrhoidectomy – Also known as hemorrhoid removal, this procedure comprises of removing those tissues which are causing excessive bleeding. During surgery, various techniques are used by surgeon. It is believed that hemorrhoidectomy is regarded as the best way of treating recurring or severe hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Stapling – Suitable to treat internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid stapling results in blocking blood flow the hemorrhoidal tissues. It is believed that risk of recurrence is associated with the procedure.

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